T4 Options Auto 2

A better options system that includes everything from Options Auto 1 plus theoretical values in the contract ladder, a strategy solver to analyze option spreads, and UDS (custom spread creation) capability.


  • Generate theoretical option values and Greeks from the CTS Auto Skew
  • Monitor the marketplace to discover and quickly execute trading opportunities
  • Create and instantly value User Defined Spreads (UDS) and RFQs
  • Compare live market trades to your theoretical values in real-time
  • Upgrade to Options Pro for portfolio analysis and customizable models

Theoretical Sheets

Fast and simple setup lets you navigate the options markets in seconds. Theoretical values, heat maps, and expansive customization opportunities make executing strategies easier than ever.

Strategy Solver

Flexibly build and value any spread on the fly to instantly see Greeks, OEs, and theoretical values. Send your custom spreads to the exchange to create a new publicly tradable market.
T4 Options Pro Theoretical Sheets

Theoretical Sheets

Theoretical pricing sheets serve as the primary trading tool in Options Auto 2. Multiple views allow you to customize sheets to display only the theoretical values and Greeks that matter to your trading style. Use heat maps to scan for edge, then click on any bid or offer to open a price prompt window for quick trade execution. Click on deltas to instantly create, value, and trade option strategies in our Strategy Solver. Upgrade to Options Pro for customizable models and skews.

Strategy Solver

Add multiple legs to the Strategy Solver to see the theoretical spread price, Greeks, and heat mapped bid/offer data in real-time. If a spread does not exist yet, simply click a button to create the UDS at the exchange and send out an RFQ. Create strips, covered strategies, and ratio spreads with ease, then trade them directly from the Strategy Solver or save them for later analysis.

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Want to Trade Live?

If you would like to start trading live, please contact a clearing firm that offers the CTS platform. Click the link below to find a list of licensed customer firms and their contact information.

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