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T4 Mobile

Trade, quote, view charts, and monitor positions with real-time data from any smartphone.

T4 Desktop

Use T4’s exceptional functionality to customize a trading screen that perfectly fits any trading style, from pro to retail.

T4 Options Pro

A complete options system for generating theoretical values, pinpointing and comparing trading opportunities, creating custom spreads, and calculating position risk through multiple scenarios.

T4 Charts

Configure charts with multiple studies, indicators, drawing tools, and overlays. Trade and monitor positions directly from any chart.

Competitive Pricing

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The flagship platform offers our most versatile trading solutions.


Get the Android app with integrated charts to trade from anywhere.


Create your own API using the CTS backend or find a 3rd party developer to build it for you.

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Want to Trade Live?

If you would like to start trading live, please contact a clearing firm that offers the CTS platform. Click the link below to find a list of licensed customer firms and their contact information.

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Estimate your monthly CTS fees by entering the expected number of contracts traded per month and selecting your base package and add-ons.


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