The flagship platform offers our most versatile trading solutions.


Get the Android app with integrated charts to trade from anywhere.


Create your own API using the CTS backend or find a 3rd party developer to build it for you.

T4 Desktop

The premier platform of the CTS suite of trading products, T4 Desktop has all the functionality that a professional trader demands while still remaining user friendly for the retail trader. Full functionality and customization allow all users to create a trading screen that perfectly fits their trading style.

Display real-time streaming data for the selected market. Configure charts with various customizable overlays and indicators. Create and configure multiple charts to the user’s specifications. Quickly save charts with one click to see the same user friendly layout on every log in.
Option Board
View and trade all exchange hosted outright options. Click on an option to open an order ticket or open a contract window to view depth of market and place orders. Add columns such as last traded price, settlement, total traded volume, and more.
Quote Board
Display quotes for multiple contracts horizontally. Click on a market to open an order ticket or open a contract window to view depth of market and place orders. Add columns such as high, low, net change, total traded volume, and more.
Contract Window
  • One-click and keyboard order entry
  • Customizable order templates
  • Order counts
  • Market mode countdown timer
  • MOC orders, as well as many other order types
  • Drag and drop order revision
  • Theoretical values with T4 Options Pro
Spread Matrix
Display a grid of calendar, butterfly and condor strategies for a given futures contract. One-click order submission allows for rapid capture of spread trading opportunities.


A simple trading interface that utilizes touch screen technology. T4 Mobile offers real-time market access to every exchange CTS offers, real-time order submission, and a back-end that offers extreme reliability. T4 Mobile is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, all Android devices, and in web browsers as T4 WebTrader.

T4 Mobile for Android
An easy-to use trading platform that works on any Android 4.2 device or higher. T4 Mobile for Android provides real-time data, depth of market, charts with studies, as well as position information. Place, revise, or cancel orders from the depth of market screen or from the chart.
Flexibility and Functionality
  • Interactive charts and studies (currently available on Android only)
  • Tap 2 trade® touch screen technology
  • Custom color schemes
  • Multiple order book and account views
  • Real-time quotes, profit & loss, and position updates
  • Supported order types: markets, limits, stops, stop-limits, trailing stops and GTCs
  • Access to every exchange CTS offers
T4 Mobile for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
An easy-to use trading platform, T4 Mobile provides real-time data, depth of market, and position information. Monitor multiple markets from the quotes screen, then place, revise, or cancel orders from the depth of market screen. Charts and chart trading coming soon.
T4 WebTrader
A browser-based trading system that provides real-time market access to every exchange CTS offers. A basic internet connection and simple web address allow direct access to the world’s futures markets without downloading an application. T4 WebTrader provides traders all the standard functionality they need, such as account details, orderbook, quote board, and market depth screen with real-time order submission.


CTS offers open .NET and FIX APIs which allow for third party developers to develop their own applications while using the scalability, speed, reliability and robustness of CTS’s back-end.

Easy to Use

T4 API simplifies development, saving time and frustration. CTS’s own T4 Desktop is written directly to T4 API, which allows for any functionality available on the T4 front ends to be duplicated on any other 3rd party application. Microsoft.NET permits applications to be written in languages such as advanced C++, C#, and Visual Basic, among others. Visual Studio 2005 and later is supported. The T4 API utilizes a single SSL connection, enabling easy passage through firewalls.

Superior Support

CTS’s specialized development support team provides free T4 API support. Access working code examples free of charge in order to facilitate a straightforward connection to T4 API.

Developer Guides

Example API applications are installed with the T4 Desktop Simulator application and accessed via the Start menu, Programs, T4 Simulator folder links. You can access the online help documentation here.

3rd Party Add-Ons
Trusted third party developers have created applications that have undergone extensive testing and production use. Some of these apps are listed on the CTS website as available add-ons. Click here for a list of existing third party solutions that can be used with T4.
API Consultancy
Developers with extensive experience creating and supporting third party apps that utilize the T4 API are willing to investigate solutions to specific application or functionality requests. Click here for a list of 3rd party consultants who have created applications that use T4 API.

Add-on Functionality

T4 Options Auto 1

A starter options system for viewing CTS-generated volatility, greeks, and theoretical values. $100/mo additional fee for T4 Options Auto 1.

T4 Options Pro

A complete options system for generating theoretical values, pinpointing and comparing trading opportunities, creating custom spreads, and multi-scenario position analysis. $500/mo additional fee for T4 Options Pro.

T4 Custom Strategies

A client side application that allows for creating, charting and trading custom spreads. Pick the legs and ratios to trade and T4 Custom Strategies will provide real-time depth of market quotes for the custom spread. $50/mo additional fee for quotes and charts, $100/mo for quotes, charts, and trading.

T4 Options Auto 2

A better options system that includes everything from Options Auto 1 plus theoretical values in the contract ladder, a strategy solver to analyze option spreads, and UDS (custom spread creation) capability. $200/mo additional fee for T4 Options Auto 2.

Market Profile

An intra-day charting technique used to evaluate market value as it develops during the trading session. CME Documentation $10/mo additional fee for Market Profile.

Time Entry

Pete Steidlmayer's Time Entry functionality allows easy submission of orders to be entered into the market automatically at a future time. $12.50/mo additional fee for Time Entry.


CTS offers the following futures exchanges for the T4 Desktop, T4 WebTrader and T4 Mobile platforms.


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